Elf Farm Supplies is making a significant financial investment at its Mulgrave facility by building world’s best odour mitigation technology. The construction has three main components:

  1. Fully enclosing the raw materials storage area
  2. Installing a biofilter
  3. Building new tunnels including moving the bale wetting operations indoors.

In addition, some other works, such as landscaping and preparing for future building, will be undertaken.

By the end of the construction, our operation will be completely enclosed and the biofilter will be filtering all odourous air from the composting process before its release.

What is a biofilter and how does it work?

Biological odour treatment is accepted as the best technology for the mushroom industry. As such, as part of Elf Farm Supplies odour control system modification upgrade, biofilter technology will be adopted as the final treatment stage for odour before discharge to atmosphere. Biofiltration has been successfully used in Australia across a range of industries over the past few decades. The treatment process is relatively simple and involves the biological oxidation of odorous compounds in the polluted air stream to non-problematic end products.  This process typically occurs in a bed of porous organic material, moistened to encourage the growth and sustenance of micro-organisms.  A single passage of odorous air through an appropriately designed biofilter has been proven to be very effective at odour removal.  Biofilters typically remove all of the odour character from the untreated air stream, substituting it with a mild-odour from the organic medium.  This medium odour is neutral in character and is generally considered not offensive or perceptible at a distance from the biofilter.


MOD1 was completed 30th June 2018