Community Liaison Committee

A Community Liaison Committee (CLC) was established in November 2014 to facilitate and support effective communication between Elf Farm Supplies and the Mulgrave area community. The final CLC meeting took place on Wednesday 23 November 2016.

Through two-way communication the CLC discussed community issues and concerns in relation to the operation of Elf Farm Supplies.

The CLC played a valuable role in monitoring and reviewing the performance of the facility, in terms of its impact on the surrounding community.

While the CLC did not have a formal decision making role, it helped Elf Farm Supplies to establish a constructive relationships with the community and develop a collaborative approach to discussing and addressing issues of concern that impact on the community, related to the operation of the mushroom compost facility.

This website was created to provide information about the CLC as well as publish agenda and meeting notes from each quarterly CLC meeting.

Complaint / Feedback Line: 1800 155 079

CLC Membership

The CLC was made up of a range of members from the local community including:

4 x residents from different areas in the surrounding vicinity, including Mulgrave, Windsor, South Windsor and McGraths Hill
2 x representatives from local businesses
1 x representative from ‘Stop the Stink’ group
1 x representative from Hawkesbury Environmental Network
1 x representative from Windsor High School
1-2 x representatives of EPA
1 x representative of Council
1 x representative from a mushroom grower
1 x specialist odour consultant
1-2 x representatives from Elf Farm Supplies.
Resident members were invited to participate via an expression of interest which was published in the Hawkesbury Gazette. Other members such as technical experts and community groups were recruited via direct invitation. The recruitment process was managed by Straight Talk, who independently facilitated the CLC.

Membership was ongoing until the end of the two year term, but members could stand down at any time. Any additional member recruitment was done to ensure the composition of the CLC maintained appropriate community representation.