Approval to increase production

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has conditionally approved Elf Farm Supplies to increase the production rate at the Substrate Plant site. More information can be found in the approval letter here.

Fire Protection Project of the Year

On 9 November 2018, our fire protection contractor, DEM Fire and Essential Services Group, won Fire Protection Project of the Year 2018. This Award recognises outstanding management and administration of a fire protection project that showcases the alliance between the managing company, the design team including the consultant/engineer, and the contractor to successfully complete the fire protection project. More information is available here.

Public information sessions on Mulgrave facility upgrade

Elf Farm Supplies held a series of public information session on the upgrade of its Mulgrave facility. The information sessions provided the community with an opportunity to learn more about the project and to talk with members of the project team. The final information session was held in May 2018.

Closure of the Elf Farm Supplies Community Liaison Committee

The Elf Farm Supplies Community Liaison Committee officially closed on 8 December 2016 after operating since 24 November 2014. The Committee was made up of local community and stakeholder representatives. It met every three months to discuss the Elf Farm Supplies odour mitigation upgrade and gave Elf Farm Supplies the opportunity to talk directly with local community members and representatives about their issues and concerns. Elf Farm Supplies would like to thank all Committee members for their time and contribution.

November 2016 fire incident

On Friday Nov 4th 2016, at about 1pm an Elf Farm Supplies employee noticed a fire at the straw bales located in the Southern and South-Eastern section of Elf Farms supplies’ premises.

Emergency responders were contacted and were estimated to have arrived on scene within 15mins of the start of the fire incident. The fire was considered ‘under control’ by 8pm of the same day, as advised by Fire and Rescue NSW.  However firefighting efforts lasted through till  Friday 11th Nov 2016.

No worker injuries occurred due to the incident.

Press releases

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